College Life: Fashion Challenge Part 1

Hey guys!

So a couple weeks ago, one of my best friends challenged me to a fashion competition to see which one of us could dress up for the most days in a row.

Here are the rules:

  1. Dressing up means not baggy T-shirts/sweatshirts and jeans; no sweatpants. All other clothes are allowed.
  2. Weekends do not count
  3. You only have to be dressed up for the majority of the day, not all of it.
  4. You need to take a picture of your outfit everyday
  5. Whoever dresses up for the most days in a row (not including weekends) wins. The competition goes until someone loses.

Day 1:

I wanted to start this competition strong, so I put on one of my favorite winter skirts, black tights, blue body suit and my favorite pair of black boots. I didn’t feel like dealing with my hair, so I braided it to the side.


Day 2:

In my opinion, skinny jeans and ballet flats never go out of style. Bomber jackets are coming back this year, and I love this light pink one; it’s perfect to throw over this black and white striped body suit. This would also be super-cute with black skater skirt and tights. Again, I didn’t really feel like dealing with my hair, so I put it up in a bun. My hair is really annoying sometimes and there’s only so many things that I can do with it.


Day 3:

For day 3, I forgot to have someone take a picture of my outfit, so I took one myself. I love this patterned skirt; it’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons with tights, boots,  and a leather jacket.


Day 4:

I had cheer most of the day, so this is what we wore for the basketball games that night. It was a Go Pink night in support of cancer, so some of the girls made these super-cute tank tops with the ribbon logo on the front and glittery tule bows on the back. We all wore the matching tanks and black shorts.


Day 5:

By day 5, I didn’t feel like dressing up very much, but I kept my outfit within the rules; boyfriend jeans, a plaid shirt, and Converse. It was comfortable and cute.


Day 6:

This was Valentine’s Day, so I felt like I should look nice. This picture is a little blurry, but I love this velvet dress– the colors are perfect for fall and winter. I wore it with a cream leather jacket, knee-high socks, brown boots, and a light pink scarf. It was cute and girly for Valentine’s Day without being all pink and red.


Day 7:

I went back to basics in black and white for day 7. Skinny jeans, a plain white T, my favorite black leather jacket, and a statement necklace. These are pieces that every girl needs in her closet because they go with literally everything and anything.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Day 8:

By the end of this competition, I honestly just wanted to throw on jeans and a sweatshirt. Instead of doing that and forfeiting, I put one of my favorite band T-shirts on with tights (not pictured), my black leather skater skirt and black high tops. It was actually just as comfortable as wearing jeans or leggings with it, and a lot cuter.

Walkney Baseball T

After dressing up for nearly two weeks, we decided to call a draw on the competition. Neither of us won, since the decision to call it off was mutual. Wednesday, my friend Megan will be posting her half of the competition, so stay tuned for that link!

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