College Life: Fashion Challenge Part 2

It’s time for the challenger to speak! My name’s Megan Frensko. I’m Alexis’s bestie, also from the Minneapolis area (although I’m currently in windy, windy Fargo for a computer engineering degree at North Dakota State University). 

As Alexis said on Monday, I challenged her to a fashion competition. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did this; she’s my fashionista friend. That being said, I had a lot of fun and I think I was a formidable challenger. Still, you’re all about to see just how bad I am with clothing details and trends.

So that you don’t have to look back, here are the rules:

  1. “Dressing up”: no baggy T-shirts/sweatshirts and jeans; no sweatpants. All other clothes are allowed.

  2. Weekends are excluded.

  3. You only have to be dressed up for the majority of the day, not all of it.

  4. Picture evidence: a daily picture of the outfit

  5. Winning conditions: Whoever dresses up for the most consecutive days wins. The competition goes until someone loses (duh :P).

Day 1:

A pink and black horizontal striped sweater with black jeans and snow boots. I didn’t do anything with my hair because ain’t nobody got time for that (I actually just like the way my hair looks when it’s down).  

Day 2:

Today was a relaxed day; just a long sleeved maroon hoodie type thing with jeans.

Day 3:

I was on point today! This purple dress is so beautiful and I received a lot of compliments. It was freaking cold, so thank you everyone for noticing that I looked nice!

Day 4:

After freezing my toes on day 3, I wore a nice cozy sweater with jeans. I really like the gradient winter colors in this sweater.

Day 5:

It started warming up so I wore a black t-shirt (not baggy!) with a white and maroon circle burst pattern and white skinny jeans. Of course, my short little legs caused jeans-wrinkles, but I’m as adorable as an armadillo.

Day 6:

This was probably my favorite outfit of the challenge. It was Valentine’s Day, and I figured it might as well be an all-out day. I wore a black jean jacket, black leggings, black boots, and a red dress with pink, black, red, and orange stripes and zigzags on the skirt. You can’t see them, but my nails were red with cute hearts on them.

Day 7:

I was told I looked like a lumberjack wearing this plaid flannel, black vest, and brown boots that you can’t see. For the record, I harmed no trees.

Day 8:

Jeans and a nice dark green long sleeve shirt. It’s super soft. As for my hair, I  braided it out of the way in order to stay focused on my homework and when I took them out… Presto! Crimply waves.

Alas, after so long of dressing up I was ready to wear pajama pants or a snuggie or something. Alexis and I mutually decided to end the challenge in an honourable draw.

So until the next challenge, keep following this awesome girl’s blog and stay cheesy!

P.S. I’ve seen some mermaid blankets that look cozy, anyone have any leads…?

~Megan ( ・ω・)

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