My Fashion Story

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Hey, this is Dalton Bartz again, for another bit of style advice!

Today I decided I would talk about how I came into my style. I wanted to cover this because I believe that your fashion is a byproduct of who you are, rather than something you specifically craft for yourself.

Hopefully, by explaining how I fell into what I wear, you might have a better idea of what’s best to bring into your own look.

I grew up out in the country and that played a huge role in how I dress myself. I don’t like to wear anything that has me feeling restricted, I tend to wear clothes that are more durable and practical. Blue jeans are a regular occurrence for me, I wear a lot of henleys, thermals, and sweaters. Things that are comfortable, but I’m not too worried if I get some dirt, mud, or grass on them. Of course I have my work clothes, but when you’re used to doing chores outdoors regularly, you know sometimes it’s just inconvenient to be switching clothes all of the time.

When I got older I spent more time on social media, watching movies, listening to new music, and going to nearby cities. I learned that I really enjoyed the city life and a lot of what came with it. I started wearing new brands, still looking for that same practical comfort, but more open to searching new stores. I started wearing bigger names like Hollister, Express, Forever 21, and American Eagle. I’m still picky about what I actually buy, and I spend a lot of time to find things that feel more masculine to me, but I’m more open to trying what they have to offer.

I think the most important part out of everything in my fashion journey was in high school. I was a bit of an outcast and I ended up listening to a lot of punk and had a ton of energy with nowhere to put it. So I expressed that energy through my clothes. I took risks with what I wore, and I learned a lot about fashion without really meaning to. You learned to be brave and smart with your matching when you wear an orange Jake the Dog tee (a character from Adventure Time), purple cut off shorts, purple high top Vlado sneakers with orange lace and trim, with a rainbow studded belt. Putting that together in a way that works (whether you approve of the outcome or not) does a little fashion insight.

All in all, I wanted to share all this to show that in order to have the well put together style you want you only have to ask yourself what you’re interested in and what you grew up with. Then, all you have to do is take risks with it!

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