Junior Prom 2015

So a month or so ago I told you guys about trends for this years prom season when I went to a fashion show at Macy’s, Mall of America. (Click the link above to read all about it!)

Over the weekend, (on Saturday, to be specific), was my schools prom. Our theme was Masquerade Ball, and, even though I didn’t have a date/didn’t get asked, it was still a ton of fun!

As you may have seen on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I ended up getting my hair straightened! It took about an hour and a half for them to blow dry it straight. Since I have a flat iron at home, I used that to make it look a little nicer.


Here’s a picture of me (attempting) to straighten my own hair with two or three pony tails–such a great look, isn’t it?!? (NOT) 😄

After that, it was time to get ready. (*NOTE: When putting on long dresses, MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR SHOES ON FIRST*) My dress is by Morri Lee from Glitz! at Mall of America.

The finished look:




And some obligatory prom selfies:




Even though I got my hair done, I did do my own makeup–something I don’t like very much, but I kinda had to wear makeup for prom because well, it’s prom…

I don’t know why, but I took a picture of my shadow that I think turned out pretty well.


If you know me at all, you know that I love photography and taking pictures (which is what photography is, but whatever…), so of course I had to take these:



After pictures we (the group I went with) went out to eat for dinner at Applebee’s. When we walked in the door, there was a little girl that ran up to me and told me that I looked really pretty! It was literally the cutest thing ever!!! What made it adorable was that she literally ran up to me, plus she was like 4. 💞 I now know how the characters in Disney World feel when they have little kids running up to them constantly. 🙂 For me, that was definitely the highlight of prom.

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Did you go to prom this year?!? Send me pictures/tag me in them so I can see! Use #StyleBlog102!

~Alexis 💋

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