Get Fit with Jaye: Athletic Wear

Hey, everyone!

My name is Jaye Millspaugh. I’m a friend of Alexis’ and a fellow model/actress in Minneapolis. Alexis has been kind enough to invite me to guest-blog this week about athletic clothing, since fitness and nutrition are passions of mine.

I work out 5-6 days a week, on average and I’ve found that I get better results by doing a wide variety of things. Plus that makes it more fun! For cardio, I love to dance (Zumba), run and ride my bike. To build strength, I do yoga and ballet and I lift weights.

Of course, different outfits are more effective for different types of workouts so here’s a breakdown of what I usually wear:

Cardio is definitely when I sweat the most, so I prefer looser clothing and being less covered up. It’s freezing cold in Minnesota right now so I’ve been using the treadmill and stationary bike at my gym, but in the summer I’ll head to the park near my house to run and ride my bike outside.

My shirt and shorts are both from Nike. I went to college at the University of North Dakota, and I love these blue shorts because they remind me of ocean water! I also have a red pair that looks like volcano lava.

For weightlifting, I always have my legs covered because I hate the feeling of my bare skin sticking to the leather chairs attached to the weight machines at my gym.

These leggings from Victoria’s Secret are so much fun, and this solid black top from Lululemon helps balance out the craziness.

I do yoga videos at home since I have a lot of floor space. There are tons of awesome free videos available on YouTube! The ones by Denise Austin are currently my favorite.

Since I started doing yoga a few years ago, I realized that the reason yoga pants have such thick fabric is because it makes posing on your knees way more comfortable. I never do yoga in shorts or leggings because of that! My yoga pants and floral top are both from Lululemon.

The right shoes can really make a difference too. I love my Nike FreeRun sneakers because they’re so light, but I also have a sturdier pair I use while riding my bike because it’s more comfortable on the pedals.

Thank you for reading, and have an awesome week! 🙂

To see more of my journey, follow me on Instagram at: jaye.millspaugh

-Jaye Millspaugh

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