Spring Trends 2.0

A few weeks ago, I published a post on my favorite spring trends for this year. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to add any pictures to that post. Last night, I went out with some of my friends and did a mini photo shoot with them in some spring styles. While these are spring trends, we also did a theme of “Devil and Angel”.

 All of these photos are unedited and straight from my camera. 

Here’s my friend Kalie rocking some styles from the 90’s. Even though her outfit is really dark because of all the black, it’s still super-cute and can be worn throughout the spring season. You can easily re-create this look by layering leggings of your choice (printed or solid colored) under your favorite shorts with a cropped graphic T-shirt, leather jacket, and combat boots or Converse. When it (eventually) gets warm enough out, you can take of the leather jacket and be fine. 

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Emily’s outfit features a white slouchy sweater with a keyhole in the back, jeans, and nautical-inspired shoes. This is such a cute outfit for spring because of the colors, and is perfect to wear for any casual event you may have this season (or just to wear to class).

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Since our theme for the shoot was “Devil and Angel”, Kalie, Emily, and I convinced our friend Travis to be in some photos so we could do some where they were the devil and angel on his shoulders. These were really fun to shoot because Travis had no idea what was going on behind him.

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Not only are these amazing girls super-close friends, they also happen to be roommates! We did some “roommate goals” pictures and I just let them be themselves in front of the camera. You can definitely tell that these two are close and that they care a lot about each other. 

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