Festival Trends Part 2– Makeup

So last week was the first installment a three-part series I’m doing on Festival Trends for this year! Click here to read all about my favorite hair trends that will be taking over the summer music festival scene. 

This week is all about makeup trends. If you’re following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, you know that I’ve been getting into makeup a lot recently. I’m not the best at it (yet!), but I still love having fun trying out different looks. 

No music festival look is complete without the perfect makeup to match. Here are some of the hottest makeup trends you’ll definitely be seeing this summer. 

1) Glitter! 

Last week, I wrote about how glitter roots were going to be taking over this summer. Why contain the glitter to your head?! Sparkle and shine by adding some glitter to your face too! 

Kalie was awesome and let me do her makeup too! We went for a really festival-inspired look with just the right amount of glitter, and fun blue and purple/pink colors to match the space buns.

I also did another glittery look on myself using gold glitter as eyeshadow. I put a little bit of primer on my eyelids, then did a neutral eyshadow as a base, and finally finished it off by adding the glitter. This actually took a lot longer than I had initially planned on, but I love the way it turned out!

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2) Temporary lip tattoos
I’ve seen this popping up on my Facebook and Instagram for a little while now, and I love this look so much. It’s perfect for festival season– it’s fun, and you can honestly do whatever you want with it. 

These are actually supposed to be nail tattoos, but I figured that they’d work for this, too. They worked perfectly, and after trying this look, I am officially obssessed and will definitely be rocking this look sometime this summer.

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3) Red lips

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip and natural makeup. It’s classic, timeless, and goes with literally everything. Pair this with a fun hairstyle, and you’ll be ready to rock out to your favorite music!

This look is super easy– do your makeup as you normally would, and add your favorite red lipstick! 

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I hope you love these makeup trends as much as I do! There are so many other trends for this year that aren’t in this post– you can honestly do so much, and anything goes. If there’s a look you’ve been dying to try but never had a reason to, summer music festivals are the perfect time! 

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