Special Occasion Inspiration

Hey everyone!

It’s Kristen, a guest content creator here on Beautiful Chaos.

Since Spring is sneaking around the corner, it’s time to get excited about warmer weather, wedding season, and graduation season! Special occasions and fancy events are a chance to set aside your everyday go-to outfit and express your style in a more formal atmosphere.

I put together three special occasion outfits to give you all a little inspiration.


  1. The first outfit is one that I would recommend wearing to a slightly more casual event, like a luncheon or an Easter party. I love the bright yellow color and subtle white detailing. It can be styled with ankle boots, heels, flats, or sandals depending on the weather.

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     2. The second outfit is a similar silhouette to the first, but with the darker maroon color and detailed embroidery, it’s a bit more sophisticated. I would wear this to a graduation, a banquette, or an anniversary party.

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  3.The third outfit is the most formal. It’s a black romper with a sheer top section. Because it is all black, it’s easy to personalize a piece like this. You could add a statement necklace, or be a little extra when it comes to your shoe choice. It’s a buildable and classic look. I would wear this to an evening wedding or graduation.

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Whether you’re giving a speech, accepting an award or a diploma, or watching a friend say “I do”, you can use these to inspire you to create a look that is special enough for the special occasion.


1 thought on “Special Occasion Inspiration

  1. Lovely outfits!


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