Girl’s Night Out

Hey all!

My name is Angela and I am back this week to give you some ideas for your next girls’ night out.

It’s fun to choose different styles customized for your outing. Whether you’re celebrating something or spending time with friends, everyone wants the perfect outfit.

When you want to get fancy, go for a dress. You may remember seeing this one in the Valentine’s Day post, only this time I traded in the flats for heels. Many of us get in the habit of wearing a dress like this to only one outing. However, this dress is not limited to only one occasion. It’s all about what you pair it with. The heels give it a more edgy and fancy look compared to flats.


Minnesota nights can be really chilly. It’s nice to stay warm while still wearing something cute. Solid colored sweaters can be boring, but there are so many options out there that dress them up. I really like this sweater because it offers a different spin on the typical cold shoulder look. If you choose a sweater for warmth, you have many options for bottoms. I really like bringing in color with my pants when I wear solid colored sweaters, so that’s what I gravitated towards. You could also change the look of the outfit with the kind of shoes you wear depending on the vibe you are trying to create.


Low-key nights out can be fun. A band t-shirt, skinny jeans, and heels are ideal for this kind of venture. Band tees are super soft and comfy. You could tune this look to your personal style by going for a darker wash jean. This outfit could always be accessorized with a bracelet. You could also do a necklace depending on the style band tee you are wearing.


Day to night outfits can be really handy if you are spending more time with your friends.

I grabbed a dress that could double as a shirt and paired it with a kimono and skinny jeans for a daytime look. The kimono could be ditched for the evening and skinny jeans could be traded for leggings. You could even wear leggings from the beginning so you would only have to lose the kimono.


When you are looking for something fashionable but chic, add a blazer or jacket to your outfit. I love sparkly and metallic shirts so I chose this shirt and added bling with the necklace. I paired the sparkly top with my favorite casual blazer. Skinny jeans and heels finished off this polished look.


No matter which one of these styles suits your personality, have lots of fun with your friends on your night out making unforgettable memories.

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