Winter Wonderland

Hey guys!
I hope you all have a happy holidays this week!
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As you can probably tell from the title,  this post has a “Winter Wonderland” theme. I’ll  be highlighting some  “Do’s and Don’ts”, this season’s must haves, and some fun accessories and nails.

First up, some “Do’s and Don’ts”. Just some general guidelines for that you do/don’t end up on “Fashion Police” (being featured on that show can be a good thing sometimes).

● DO- wear some sparkle,  but DON’T go overboard.
Wearing sparkle during the holidays can be both cute and fun, but make sure that you don’t leave the house looking like the house (the tree, tinsel,  ornaments,  or the lights outside). It’s not fun to look at an outfit that’s head-to-toe sparkle,  especially under lights.  It gets  to be way too much to look at, so if you’re going to do sparkle, keep it simple!


●DO dress appropriately for the weather.
If you live somewhere like California,  you can totally get away with wearing a cute little dress or skirt without tights, but since it’s chilly in the morning, make sure you have a light sweater or jean jacket. If you live someplace that gets a lot of snow, you’ll want to wear tights with your skirts or dresses, as well as a sweater or jacket. Chances are, you know what the weather is like where you live, so please don’t freeze or overheat by not dressing appropriately for the weather!

●DO wear flannel shirts.
This is one trend that everyone can rock this season! That’s right guys, this one’s for you, too.
Flannels come in a variety of colors and patterns, plus they’re super soft. My fave is plaid. (For more on plaid, check out  my first post!) No matter how you wear them, flannels are totally the way to go when you want to look cute, but still want to be comfortable!


Next on our Winter Wonderland fashion adventure: Must Haves. These are some items that every girl should have, and they won’t go out of style after this season!

●The little black dress.
You see it in virtually every magazine, and they all say that every girl needs to have one in their closet. Most people think that a black dress is for special events, and that’s not wrong. A black dress is perfect for any and every event that you could ever go to, paired with the right things, of course.
For us teens (or even tweens) out there, sparkly jewelry is always a good idea. It’s cute, fun, and it shows personality. You can probably guess what I’m going to say next: Don’t go overboard with the sparkle!!!
Cute shoes are another awesome way to make this classic dress fun.



For a more formal event, a pair of cute (and age appropriate) heels are definitely the way to go. Otherwise, flats are always a great option  (plus they’re sensible – your feet won’t ache after being out all evening). If you’re planning on sticking with all black, a colored pair of shoes adds a nice pop to any outfit.


(Sorry my flats are really old and don't look the best!)


Depending on the event you’re going to, make sure you keep your makeup age appropriate as well! We don’t need any 12-year-olds looking 17, or 17-year-olds looking 20. Having on makeup is totally fine, just make sure that you still look like you.
For a more casual look, try throwing a jean jacket or a cute plaid shirt over it. Instantly school appropriate!


Finally, no outfit is complete without a super-cute hairstyle. It depends on your hair type and texture as to what you can easily so with your hair. I have really thick, curly hair, which is hard to do a lot with, so most of the time I just leave it down. If you have straight or wavy hair, you can pretty much do whatever you want. I personally love braids. If you braid your hair, a sparkling headband is always a nice touch!


● Bethany Mota’s collection at Aero.
This Youtuber – turned – fashion designer has an amazing collection at Aèropostale. She displays her unique style through various patterns, colors, and super-cute sayings on graphic T’s. You can mix and match these pieces, or mix them with what you already have at home. This collection is definitely something to check out this season!


● A denim shirt.
You can throw one over literally everything. Seriously. Have on a cute skirt or dress, but don’t want to freeze in class? No problem! A denim shirt is also super-cute with a pair of jeans and a tank underneath. No matter what you put it with, you’re sure to hit a style home run!



Last up for today is Accessories and Nails.

●One of my fave accessories is a scarf. With about a million different colors and patterns, you can definitely find one to go with any outfit in your wardrobe. Bright colors and bold patterns can be a great way to add interest to a plain shirt or sweater.

●Statement pieces.
These are, obviously, a great way to make a statement. If you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t have a lot going on, add a pair of cute earrings OR a bold necklace. Please don’t do both in one outfit– it it gets to be way too overwhelming. Pick one, and let it do the talking.


I personally love having my nails painted, but never have the chance because of sports.
I found the cutest nail art YouTube channel called cutepolish. She posts step-by-step nail art tutorials of super-cute and really easy nail art designs. I love the Christmas playlist.


There’s a ton of cute nail ideas just in time for the holidays! Some of my favorites are the Pepermint Swirl and Pastel Penguins.
Here’s the link to her channel:

For more fun DIY ideas, check out A Small Little Blog! (

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