Holiday 2014 Trends

With Hanukkah in just two weeks, Christmas in three, and New Years shortly after that, the holiday season is pretty much here. Family, friends, food,  and of course,  fashion! Here’s your guide to holiday fashion 2014.

It seems like every year around the holidays every store has a ton of super-cute sparkly and sequined outfits.  What girl doesn’t like some glitter?!?

I know it’s super tempting to want a head-to-toe look that’s pretty much all sequined, but usually, it gets way too overwhelming for one look. Extra emphasis on usually. Like most rules,  this one does  have an exception. That exception being this: if you’re wearing a dress that has sequins in it. This will give you that “all-over” sparkle that you want,  without being distracting.


I love this dress that I have! It has sequins all the way through it, without being all like “Bam! Sparkle in your face!” If you happen to find a sequined dress, but feel it might be a little too much, there are ways to tone down the sparkle-factor.

For a more casual look, try throwing a jean jacket over you dress and pairing it with a cute pair of flats.


For a more dramatic look, you can throw a fuzzy jacket over it. If you don’t already have one,  fuzzy jackets are really “in” right now, so you’ll definitely be able to find one somewhere! Here’s a pic of my fave new jacket:


Another great way to wear the festive seasonal trend of sequins is in a skirt! Again, make sure you keep the focus on your skirt by not wearing anything too busy for a top. Paired with the right things, a sequined skirt can be just the thing your  holiday wardrobe needs!


If you’re not really the dress – wearing type, you can always opt for a super cute sweater! I’m personally obsessed with Bethany Mota’s collection at Aero. I think she’s amazing, and I can’t wait for her new collection launching this weekend! ♥ I love this sweater in stores now:


No matter what you wear this holiday season,  make sure it has some sparkle!

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Have a great night everyone,  and happy holidays! ♥

~Alexis ★

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  2. if your interested besure email me for the 411

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