Catch Up After LA

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I was busy getting ready for my trip to LA with my modeling and talent agency. It was so much fun! There were so many great opportunities, and I made new friends that I’m pretty sure will last for the rest of our lives. 💝

On Saturday, January 31st, 2015, I had the pleasure of going to SU Magazine’s 15th birthday celebration. It was a red carpet event, which was way cool! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to walk the red carpet. The party was still super fun, though! They had some of their models doing fashion shows, as well as some giveaways. People from my group ended up winning both of them. 🙂

The party was a ton of fun after our photo shoot in the desert! I’ll try to get some pictures up on both of my Facebook pages (the one for the blog you’re reading, and my space for acting and modeling)

Here are the links to both of those pages:
Alexis Joy Walstrom:

Here are some pictures from my trip in it. I just uploaded it to my personal  Instagram, @koolcurlie1, make sure you follow me on there and @styleblog102 (both are for Twitter and Instasgram). ☺

Some of my new best friends and i on our last day in LA 💝
A picture of a tiger that we got to see 🙂
Idk i really loved these flowers 🌹
My first time at In-N-Out 🙂
On our way to In-N-Out

So since this is a fashion blog, here are some outfits that I’ve worn recently.


I wore this outfit on Sunday. I was doing homework most of the day, so this was the perfect “cute and casual” outfit. Jeans are always a good idea, as they never go out of style, and the same goes for Converse. The mint green shirt is a pretty pastel, perfect for the approaching spring season! 🌹


I wore this outfit on Monday. I love the floral patterned skirt paired with, believe  or not, a bodysuit and tights. The lace on the sleeves adds a cute, girly touch, even under the leather jacket. Adding a jean or leather jacket can totally changed the look of your outfit. It can make it more casual, or, depending on how you style it, even a little more dressed up. Jackets like this one are definitely a must-have for every girls closet!


This is what I’m wearing today (Wednesday). As you already know, I love plaid, so yeah…. A cute, fun, city-girl twist on a classic country look. ☺

I’ll be posting a new article on here in a few days for Valentine’s Day! Make sure you follow me so you know when it’s up!
Please tell your friends and family if you love the blog! It’d really mean a lot! Ajay, please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for me! If live to hear your (the readers’) input!

Thanks guys!
Hour you have a great rest of your week!
~Alexis 💝

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