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So this weekend it seems like the entire world was talking about Coachella–a mega-cool, totally-awesome music festival held in the desert in California. From farris wheels, to adult-sized ball pits, warm weather and friends, and of course the amazing music, Coachella pics have been all over the world-wide-web, making everyone who wasn’t there extremely jealous (especially with celebs like Kendall and Kylie Jenner being there!).

Festival season is definitely one of the most stylish seasons of the year. It’s also where we see some of the summers hottest trends start to emerge; last year it was all about the floral headbands and flash tattoos.

Floral headbands 🌹
Flash tattoos

According to Teen Vogue, this festival season /summer is going to be all about these awesome trends:
~Ombré Lips
     -You heard me right, ombré lips! Ombré is a trend that is common not only in clothes, but also in nails, where colors seem to fade into each other. Personally, I’m excited about this fun trend coming into makeup!
~Negative-Space Manicures
     -Instead of dealing with those annoying nail art told that are hard to control whether in your dominant hand or not, negative-space manis require only a small bit of tape! Paint your nails normally and then remove the tape to reveal your fun manicure; finish with a coat or two of clear coat polish.
Click the words Teen Vogue ⬅ right here or above ⬆ to check out more of their must-haves for this festival season!

Even though I couldn’t be at the awesomeness that is Coachella this weekend, I was channeling the styles when I was shopping! Music festivals have a style that is unique, but also with a bohemian-type vibe.

My Saturday shopping outfit was Coachella-inspired:
~Printed neoprene outfit from #Hollister
~Long @bethanynoelm sweater from @aeropostale
~black flats
~pearl headband
~sparkly earrings


Naturally, I stopped into Hollister to take a look at some super-cute #OOTD inspiration for summer:


⬆This is on one of the mannequins right when you walk into the store. I love the printed shorts, perfectly paired with a creme crop top and denim vest! Minimal accessories are needed with this, but the necklace they have with it is perfect. This is definitely a summer outfit you could recreate with things you already have, or from different stores.


I absolutely love this navy lace dress! The shoulder cut-outs give it a super-summery,boho-y look. Paired with some cute sandals and a few accessories, you’ll be ready to hit any music festival, county fair, or local mall with friends! *Note* Don’t forget a matching bag and adorable hairstyle!


Okay, so I’m usually not a huge fan of maxi skirts, but this floral print one is just too cute! Since the skirt itself is so flowy, a flowy top would not be a good idea. A crop top is definitely the way to go with this–and you can always throw a jean jacket or leather jacket over it to make it school-appropriate (I know a lot if schools have kinds strict dress codes).


Here it is with a simple jean jacket. Instantly appropriate for walking the halls!


Here are a pair of shorts similar to the ones on the mannequin in the first picture. These are a solid color instead of printed,super soft, super comfy, and super cute! Since these aren’t too flowy (unlike the maxi skirt), feel free to pair them with a flowy-ish tank. The one pictured has some embellishments on the front, making the need for over-accessorizing disappear!

There are so many cute hairstyles you can do to accompany these outfits and trends! I have naturally curly hair (which is both a blessing and a curse), so I usually either leave it down or braid it to the side, as I have it in these pictures.

What’s your favorite Coachella-/festival-inspired look? What do you love about it? Tag me on Twitter and/or Instagram @StyleBlog102; also, use #StyleBlog102 so I see!

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~Alexis 💋

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