Favorite Outfits

So the other day I was thinking.
“What was I thinking about?”, you may ask.
I was thinking about how in most cartoons the characters wear the exact same outfit in every scene of every episode.

Why do they do this? It’s obviously so unrealistic. I mean, nobody wears the same outfit every single day of their entire life. I think past of it has to do with the technology that was/is available to the producers. Technology really has changed a lot, even within the past 10 when shows like Kim Possible were on Disney.

I was thinking about how the outfits never change, yet somehow seen to reflect the personality of the character (s).

We ask have that one outfit that we wear so much thatwe practically live in it. The one where when it’s dirty you subconsciously think, “Dang it, I have nothing to wear!”, even though your standing in front of an entire closet of super-cute clothes. The one that makes you feel amazing, even if it’s a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. The one that describes you, shows your personality to the rest of the world, and says “I am (*insert your name*) and I am here!”

My question to ask of you readers is this:
What is that one outfit that describes you?
The one that shows who you are.

What is that outfit for you?
What do you love about it?
How does it make you feel?
How does it show/reflect your personality?

Send me a picture on Twitter or Instagram @StyleBlog102. I might be featuring some in my next post! Use #StyleBlog102 and tag me sh that I see them! (Let me know if you do/don’t want to be featured! Even if you don’t want to be, I’d still love to see your favorite outfit!)

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~Alexis 💋

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