Post Prom 2015

You had your dream dress, perfect hair, makeup and accessories, and (hopefully) the perfect date–even if you didn’t have a date and just went with friends you probably still had the perfect hair, makeup and accessories. So now that prom 2015 is over, what do you do with that sparkly pair of diamond earnings and matching necklace, or super-cute sparkly headband?!?

The truth is, you can wear them more than once, and NOT to another prom or dance (but that would definitely work too!)– You can totally wear your jewelry from prom night during the day, without looking like you just wanted to wear them so you threw it on with your outfit.

A lot of your accessories from prom will look totally awesome with a ton of your summer outfits, such as sundresses or skirt outfits.

Here’s a picture of a necklace I wore to one of my school dances:


This is what it looks like with a dress for an event such as a school dance:


It’s super-cute and is appropriate for an event. Pair it with black heels, and it would be perfect!

So how to style this for everyday wear?
Put it with a cute sundress to add some sparkle. Wear it with flats or sandals, and throw a jean jacket over it if it’s a little chilly (because you can always tabs it off if you get warm).


Here’s another cute necklace that I have. Like the other one, it’s super-cute with a dress for a formal event of some kind.


Here’s a better look at the complete outfit:


Black heels go with almost everything. If you don’t already have a pair, you should definitely get some! 🙂

For an everyday look, I paired it with a cute skirt, leather jacket, and motorcycle boots–my solution to fix almost every outfit is a leather jacket and motorcycle boots, or a hat.


Here’s a better look at the necklace:


As you can see, there are a ton of different ways to wear necklaces that you’ve worn for a formal event of some kind. Style them correctly, and it makes for a super-cute new outfit! 💕

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Thanks for reading!
~Alexis 💋

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