Not all models and actresses are drop-dead gorgeous, perfectly stunning, flawless, super-styliush, and uber preppy and girly. Sickest often makes them out  be this way, which is why we have this completely unrealistic standard of beauty that we’re all striving  achieve, even though we know we’ll never get there.

If w know that we  never live  to these ridiculous expectations, why do we still try? I think that  do it mainly to  and fit in; to follow the crowd  that someone, anyone, might notice us for long enough to give a compliment or like picture on Instagram.

The truth is, these days we’re all so caught up in how others percussive us that we’ve forgotten that  most important thing is how WE perceive OURSELVES.

Is it okay  value others opinions? ABSOLUTELY! If we didn’t, just  of how messed up the world would be.

Now, please don’t get the idea that I’m trying to discourage girls from dressing cute and doing their hair  makeup everyday. That’s not there. point. The point I’m trying to make is that we should be proud of who we are and how we were made– which is perfectly. But, I’m also saying BE WHO YOU ARE. If who you are is cute outfits and makeup– BE YOU. If you hate makeup and love sweatpants, stop hiding and just be who you are! If you hide the real you, people will only know answer love you for who they think thou age, not for who you really are. If you start to lose friends because you’re being yourself, just remember that if that were a real friend, they’d love you for you, no matter what.

SO, tho help promote that being yourself is awesome and amazing, post pictures on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #StyleVlog102 and #BeYourselfForMe! I want you ALL to participate by showing me how you be you– pictures, videos, makeup or not, sports, shopping, sleeping (okay, maybe not…), however it is that YOU be YOU. Use the hashtags and tag both @StyleBlog102 and @koolcurlie1 so that I can see! I might even post a few of my faves in another post–if that’s okay with you guys!

So go out there and #BeYourselfForMe and remember: “I am perfect in my imperfections.”

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