Fall 2015

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been promising this fall fashion post for a while now, but it’s finally here! I got really busy and overwhelmed with school starting and all of the activities that come with that. School always comes first for me, so I’m sorry that I didn’t get this up sooner! Hopefully you guys love it, and will share with family and friends!

Fall is definitely my favorite season– I love the cooler air, crisp fall colors in the leaves, bonfires, and of course the fashion. I don’t know what it is about fall fashion that I love so much. I find it a lot easier to experiment with different styles, colors, and accessories.

Let’s get started:

If you’ve read here at all, you’ll already know that I love plaid. It’s probably, okay, is, one of my favorite things in fashion! There’s so much that you can do with it, and come fall, it seems that everything turns into plaid. Dresses, skirts, scarves, headband, even shoes, get a cute plaid make-over in a variety of colors. Click here to read my very first post that’s all about plaid!


They aren’t just something you wear in the summer to keep you cool during an extreme heat wave. When styled correctly, they can be super-cute in the fall, and in the winter, too! If you’re asking yourself, “What should I do with all of these summer dresses?”, here’s your answer– Layers!


Throw a denim jacket or shirt over one of your favorite summer outfits to keep you warmer when the weather gets chilly. One of my personal favorites is a leather jacket. I have a couple of black ones, as well as a cream one, and a pink one. They go with literally anything in your closet, and will instantly give any outfit a different look.

Another great way to extend your fall wardrobe is by layering skirts or dresses with tights. When it’s cool outside, chances are you’re not going to want to be at the bus stop with bare legs and wind. Leggings also work perfectly for putting under a skirt or dress.


The colors in fall fashion are very different from those in spring and summer clothes. While the later has more bright and/or pastel colors, fall outfits usually have more neutral or natural tones to them. Now, I’m not saying that your entire wardrobe has to be black, white, and tan. You absolutely can have some colors! Bright colors, however, will look out of place when you’re surrounded by deep reds, yellows, and greens. Keep your colors softer and more toned down, and paired with neutrals. I love the rust colored dress in the pictures above! The color is so perfect for fall!



The shoes this season are all about boots! They’re probably my favorite type of shoes– They’re so comfortable, and look cute with every outfit! Whether they have a heel or not, they come in a variety of different colors and styles that will work perfectly with your wardrobe, no matter what your style is!

Earrings and Necklaces:

Personally, I keep my accessories very minimal on a daily basis. Usually I wear a pair of earrings, maybe a necklace and/or a bracelet, my class ring, and sometimes a matching headband. I love accessories as much as the next girl, but I don’t pile them on so that’s all my outfit is. I like to keep the focus on me and not my accessories. Yes, they are a part of your outfit, but your outfit also shouldn’t be just your accessories, meaning that that’s not all you see. I love having one statement piece for my outfit, usually either a necklace or a pair of earrings. Doing this draws attention to one feature of your outfit, without stealing it away from the rest of your outfit, and most importantly, you! 

Say hello to fall in Style!

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~Alexis 💋

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