Springtime Fun!

Have you ever noticed how the colors in fashion change to reflect their season? Think about it: Summertime is warm, bright, and happy, bringing along bright neons and fun patterns. In the autumn, the leaves change colors, and everything starts turning dark. We have neutral colors such as browns, blacks, tans, and darker greens and reds. Winter turns everything everything cold and dark, with fashion trends and colors generally having a darker feel.

What about spring? Springtime is the time of rebirth– Plants start regrowing, flowers start blooming, trees start re-gain their leaves, and animals either come out of hibernation or migrate back to the northern states. The weather isn’t as nearly as cold as it is in during the winter, but not quite as hot as in the summer.

Pastels are invading store window displays and racks right now. The colors are soft, fun, and girly. Don’t worry– even if your style isn’t super girly, you can still work these colors into your closet while staying true to yourself (although, you might decide that change is a good thing and switch up your style for a season).

Check out the gallery below for some super-cute pastel styles from Von Maur:


Another huge trend for this spring is floral print, which only makes sense with all the flowers blooming outside. The gallery below features some cute new styles from Von Maur and Forever 21.


Another trend I’ve been seeing lately is suede and faux-suede. I love thins trend and how it looks, however, I personally think it’s something to be worn in the fall and winter. The material is, and looks, too heavy for the warmer weather of spring. Forever 21 has some cute things on their website that you can check out!

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