Updates and Announcements!

Hey guys! 

The main goal of this post is really just to update you on what’s been going on (nothing bad, I promise!).

Basically, I’ve been super inconsistent with when and what I’ve been posting on here. In the beginning, I was a teenage girl who loved fashion and started a blog in an effort to share that love with the rest of the world. As a high school student though, I was super busy. I still am– I’m a senior in high school who is taking AP classes and involved in other sports and activities. 

Even though I’m still busier than ever, my goal is to grow StyleBlog102. I’ve realized that in order for this blog to grow, I need to start posting regularly. SO I’m super excited announce that starting today there will be a NEW post on StyleBlog102 every Monday! The times may vary from week to week, as I’ll be posting when I’m in school, but you can now look forward to a brand new post every Monday! I thought a new post would be a great way to start off everyone’s week. 

As you all know, all (or most) of the pictures I use on here are of me, or are pictures that I’ve taken, so you know what I look like. Before Friday, this is how literally everyone in my life knew me for as long as they’ve known me: 




Brown-ish naturally curly hair that also has some blonde and some red in it.

On Friday I went into Carve Salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota to get my hair cut and for the first time in my life, coloured! Never having had my hair coloured before, I was a little nervous, as I’m assuming most people are. Mahogany Plautz is absolutely amazing– she cut my hair so that the layers are now all the same length (which hasn’t happened since I got the layers when I was like 10), and brought out some of the natural red tones in my hair. It’s not a super noticeable change, but it’s different. I love it! ♡

Here are some pictures:

Like I said above, it’s not a super noticeable or drastic change, but it’s cute!

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, check out www.carvehairsalon.com and book an appointment w/ Mahogany Plautz! Also, follow them on Instsgram for pictures and inspiration!

I’ll have a new post up next week for you guys! ♡

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~Alexis 💋

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