Last-Minute Gift Guide 

The holiday season has quickly come upon us with Christmas already on Sunday. 

If you’re anything like myself, you probably procrastinated a little (or a lot) of your shopping. 

Whoever you still have to shop for, here are my top picks for Last-Minute gifts:

It seems like dads are always impossible to shop for. Luckily, Seventeen has a list of ideas for you! Click here to check out their list, including this super-cute poop emoji travel mug.


One of my personal favorites is mason jars. I think they’re adorable; you can use them for so many different things, including gifts. Check out the gallery below for some cute ideas for everyone on your list. (All photos used in this gallery were found on Google and belong to their respective owners. All photos have a watermark on them with the website/blog who owns them.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 For girls of all ages, fuzzy blankets and/or socks are perfect. I, personally, have never met a girl who doesn’t love fuzzy blankets and socks. They’re great for the cold winter weather, especially if you live someplace that actually gets cold this time of year (even if you don’t, fuzzy socks and blankets are always a good idea). Pair it with a mason jar gift and you’re set!

The last thing on my list, however boring it may seem, is gift cards. Even though it’s not nearly as fun as wrapping a giant gift box, it’s still just as personal as any other gift. If you know that whoever you’re shopping for loves a certain store, but don’t know what to get them (or what size if it’s a clothing store), then a gift card is perfect– they can go pick out something that they love, on you! 
Check back tomorrow for another holiday-themed post! 

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