D.I.Y. Holiday Decorations

For today’s holiday-themed post, I wanted to share some cute D.I.Y. decorations. All of the images used in this post are from Pintrest and belong to their original owners. 

Here’s the link to my board on Pintrest in case you want some more inspiration after reading the rest of this post: http://pin.it/qMUwobY

Hang some ornaments from your windows to make them more festive.

In case you don’t have a ton of space, or you want to give your desk a little more holiday cheer, this pinecone tree is perfect, and super-cute too. 

I love this picture frame wreath. You can use any frame you want, and the only other things you need are some ornaments and some ribbon. This is perfect to hang on your wall or on your door.


My family has always gotten a live tree, but if you can’t get one due to living in an appartment or allergies, or if you feel like trying something different this year, this is definitely worth trying. Not only is it cute, but it also saves a tone of space.

As I mentioned yesterday, I love mason jars. Put some strings of lights inside to create a decoration that can be kept up all year long.

Click the link at the beginning of this post to go to my Pintrest board with all of these decorations, plus many more.

Check back tomorrow for another holiday-themed post! 

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