Holiday Style

To wrap up Holiday Week, I decided to do what I do best: fashion

Here are some outfits that are perfect for any event you may be going to this holiday season. The quality of the pictures may not be the best due to the lighting in the fitting room I was in at the time. 

1) Sparkle and Shine: 

This outfit is perfect for a casual New Year’s party. The metalic gold skirt and sequined shirt have just the right amount of sparkle and shine to ring in 2017. If it’s cold, you could also wear the shirt with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and either black heels or flats.

2) Casual Christmas 

I love this red velvet skirt and silver bomber jacket. This outfit has just enough red to be Christmas-y, but can still be worn all season long. These pieces can also be worn with different things, for different occasions. Pair it with black flats to complete the casual look.

3) Cute & Classic

Nothing is more classic than a black and white outfit, so why not pull one out for the holiday season? I love how simple this outfit is. The only real detail in it is the colar on the shirt. The minimal details keeps the focus on you, not on your outfit. 

4) Pretty in Pink 

This is another casual look. I’m wearing the same black leggings as in the last outfit. I love the cold shoulder style that this shirt has, and the ruffles are so fun! It’s also super comfy, so it’s perfect for a party.

5) Silver & Gold

I love everything about this outfit. Just like the first outfit, it would be perfect for a New Year’s party. Again, there’s just enough sparkle, but you could definetly still wear this the rest of winter. My favorite thing about this has to be the Converse though. When I saw them, I honestly freaked out a little because I love Converse. 

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Thanks for tuning into Holiday Week here on Beautiful Chaos! I hope you all liked it!

Happy Holidays to you all! 

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