Summer Concert Outfit Ideas

Last week I didn’t get a post up, and I’m sorry about that. I wanted to take time to plan out some new content for you guys to read and make it the best that it can be!

I’m officially back in Minneapolis for the summer! I’m super excited to be back at home because it gives me time to focus on things other than school for a few months. This summer I’ll likely be working a couple of different part-time jobs, as well as focusing on modeling, acting, and blogging. I’ll also be going to some concerts, because I love music, and summer is the perfect time to take in a bunch of shows. Check out my Festival Trends series I did about a month ago if you’re going to any music festivals! 

This week I’m sharing some more outfit ideas for concerts, because even though it’s summer, not every concert is at a music festival. 

Here’s some outfit inspiration for a few different genres of music that you might find yourself attending a concert for:


Pop music is catchy and fun, even if it is over-played on the radio most of the time. Your outfit for a pop concert should be just as fun as the music you’re there to listen to! This light pink crushed velvet dress is perfect– it’s not too heavy either, so you won’t get hot while you’re dancing. I’m all about having layers in my outfits, so for this, I decided to throw a pink/purple overdyed jean jacket with studs over the dress. To finish off the look, a statement necklace and my favorite pair of Christian Siriano satin tennis shoes. 


Even though I was born and raised a city girl, I still love my country music. This dress is a nice change from the typical plaid shirts you usually see at country music shows. I threw a light wash jean jacket over it for a layer, with a simple necklace, and red wedges to add some color. The second picture is the same dress and jean jacket with tan booties and a hat with a cute floral accent to change the look up a little bit.


Until this year, I didn’t listen to much EDM music, but one of my close friends from school really likes it, so it was usually on when we were hanging out as a group. I’ve never been to a concert for this type of music, but I figured it would be similar to a music festival, which means there are lots of people, which means it gets really hot. To stay cool with all of those people around, I paired a crocheted crop top with white shorts and a checked shirt tied around the waist. I finished off this look with white Converse and a pair of sunglasses.


Technically, indy and local music are two different genres, but a lot of local musicians and bands are independent, so I’m grouping them together for this. Whether the show is inside or outside, there’s probably a lot of people, so it’s essential that you stay cool while still looking cool, especially with the added heat of summer. This outfit is casual, while still being super cute– skirts and crop tops always look good together. The jean jacket and tennis shoes give this outfit it’s casual vibe. Also, the colors are super patriotic, so it’s perfect for Memorial Day or Fourth of July! 


I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

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