T.R.A.P.– Take Risks And Prosper

The second annual T.R.A.P. (Take Risks And Prosper) event took place on August 13th, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The show featured local fashion designers, musicians, artists, and a barber that was doing an intricate undercut design on a model.

Audience members had their chance to walk the red carpet and take photos to remember the night. Appetizers were available to snack on before the show started (including a vegetarian option), and there was a bar open during the show for those that were 21+.

Designer Martasia Person started the event last year as a “platform where artists can get together and showcase their talents in hopes of increasing the opportunity success rate in our communities.” This is a “fashion experience” featuring the talents of local creatives.

Though the event is a fashion experience, Person wanted to make sure that there was a motivational aspect to the night, saying, “I so passionately believe in the talent that lives within our cities and I wouldn’t want people to feel like their dream isn’t worth living because opportunities aren’t as apparent as it would be if they were in a bigger city.”

Each of the designers had their own unique style, influences, and backgrounds, but one thing connects them all:

Their love for fashion, and their passion for using their voices to make a difference in the world.

Click through the gallery below to see some of the amazing designs from Martasia Person, Silver Moran, Darron Chapman, Ato-Yaf, Hannah Chen, and David Maxwell.


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I had an amazing time at this event and thought it was different from your “typical” fashion show. When I arrived, that’s exactly what I was expecting, but what I experienced was so much more than that. I love that this event encourages people from my own community to chase their dreams regardless of their background. Like the people at this event, I too believe that anything is possible if you have enough dedication to persue your dreams and make them into a reality.


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