Valentine’s Day

Hey everyone!

My name is Angela Dahl, and this is my first of two posts here on Beautiful Chaos. With Valentine’s Day only two short days away, I’ll be giving you some ideas for outfits no matter what your plans are for the day.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, most of us will be heading to class. You can still get into the holiday spirit, even if you’re spending your day in the classroom. Personally, I have a hot date with an exam, so I will be downplaying my attire.

One of the easiest ways to bring the Valentine’s color palette into your outfit is with the top you choose to wear. In the photos, I wore skinny jeans with the shirts because they are my favorite pant style. If you choose to bring in color with your shirt, you can pair it with gray or black skinny jeans, leggings, or whatever your preferred pant style is. You will notice I wore a pair of short boots with all of these because

I absolutely love how comfy and versatile they are. A pair of flats, heels, or boots of various colors and heights would also look great with all of these.

A solid pink or red shirt is always a classic way to dress for the day. I really like this shirt because it’s plain but still super cute with the little tie details on the sleeves. A solid shirt can be paired with a necklace, but I was really going for a simplistic look here. This simple shirt can become quite classy if paired with black skinny jeans, a necklace, and high heels.


Velvet shirts in any shade of pink or red would be fitting. I have been obsessed with the velvet trend this year. I love how soft and comfy this shirt is. I paired it with a long necklace, but it could also go with a short one.


Choosing a floral shirt with reds and pinks has a subtle hint of the season. This shirt is great because it can be dressed up or down. It can be worn as a casual look, as pictured. When evening comes around, the skinny jeans could be traded in for leggings and boots for heels.

Another way to bring in the color scheme is with the accessories and pants you wear.


You can do a combination of pants and accessories or do one or the other. I like the subdued connection between these maroon jeans and the day being celebrated, but any shade of red or pink would look awesome. This red necklace is very elegant and is a great way to take a neutral colored sweater and turn it into the perfect piece for Valentine’s Day.


Find your favorite soft cardigan and pair it with a scarf that compliments the holiday. I especially like this scarf because of the association the flowers have with Valentine’s. This would be a really cute to wear throughout the day and out for a dinner date.


Dresses can be super fun to wear and might be exactly what you are looking for if you are going out for the evening. I really like this dress because it is very simple but has just the right amount of detail. Both the color and the lace are really fitting for such an occasion.

Whatever you do on February 14th, take advantage of the lovely day and the colors it inspires.
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