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Lately, I haven’t been dressing up for class like I usually do. I’m currently in a tap dance class that meets twice a week, with another class right after that one gets done. With little time to change before tap, and no time after, I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing leggings/sweatpants/etc… to all of my classes on these days.

One day last week, I decided I was done with casual clothes and that it was time for me to start dressing like myself again. I wasn’t actually in Paris for these photos, but this look makes me feel like I’m walking the streets of the city, even from over 4,000 miles away!


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This solid black skater skirt goes with literally anything and everything. I decided to pair it with one of my black and white stripped shirts, tights, velvet heeled boots, and a pink beret. Not only was this outfit super cute, it was also surprisingly comfortable! 

To compliment my outfit, I also decided to do my makeup. See the photos below and keep reading to see how I created the look!



I started off doing a natural-looking face and eyeshadow. Personally, I love NYX’s Drop Control primer and foundation so I used that, followed by a light contour using bronzer, blush, highlighter, and a brown eyeshadow that matches my eyebrows to fill them in.

For the eyes, I first used an eyeshadow primer from NYX. Next, I used the Urban Decay Naked Smoky pallet and blended the shade “High” into the inner corners of my eyelids and “Black Market” into the outer corners.

I decided I needed some sparkle in my look, so I grabbed some pink glitter and glitter primer (also from NYX) and an eyeliner brush. I put the glitter primer on the brush and carefully drew out the shape of the wing on my eye(s) and took the same brush and carefully applied the glitter on top of the primer. I got some fallout from the glitter, but a piece of tape took it right off without ruining my foundation! Next, I outlined the glitter wing with white eyeliner and finished off the look with mascara, lipstick, and setting spray!

This has to be one of my favorite looks I’ve done so far!

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