Model Musings by Mackie Noel: Taking TikTok’s Softgirl Trend to the Streets

Hi everyone!

Mackie Noel! I’m a 16-year-old autistic model and actress.

Alexis invited me to talk about a type of fashion that’s been going around called ‘Soft Girl’ fashion! It started on the app TikTok. The idea of this trend is to look cute, innocent, and soft.

DSC_0188 edit
Photo by: Alexis Walstrom @koolcurlie1 on Instagram

The colors I prefer to wear are soft pinks, blues, and yellows.

A soft sweater is the perfect top! When it is too warm for a sweater, a lightweight blouse, or a fun t-shirt is perfect!

I like to wear my “mom” jeans. They are so soft and comfortable, but they have rips that give them an edgy look. Cute brightly colored skirts, or shorts are great for warmer weather, if jeans are too hot





My preference for shoes are my favorite pink hightops! I’m all about the comfort.

DSC_0177 edit2
Photo taken by Alexis Walstrom @koolcurlie1 on Instagram


For make-up, think glittery, soft, pinks, blues, bronzes, etc. Colors of candy pop into my head when I’m choosing my color palette. Keep it soft and blended on the eyes. Cheeks should have an ample amount of pink tones. Lips should be bright and glossy. Brightly colored nails finish the details.


DSC_0185 edit
Photo by: Alexis Walstrom @koolcurlie1 on Instagram

Hair is the final detail I will cover today. I go with a straight brushed, loose ponytail. I keep some wisps of hair down to frame my face for a softer appearance.

When you look in the mirror, the aesthetic should give you a happy, fun feeling! When you go out, you can’t help but smile. Hopefully, it will make others smile too!

Thanks for reading!

Check out the gallery below to see more inspiration photos that Alexis took so you can create your own “soft girl” look at home! Tag us @mackie_noel and @koolcurlie1 on Instagram if you try it!

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~Mackie Noel ♥


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