Museum of Memories — Mall of America

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is known for being the largest mall in America, with hundreds of stores, restaurants, and experiences to enjoy. I’m lucky enough to have grown up just a half hour away from this iconic tourist location.

Currently, Nickelodeon Universe is closed because of COVID-19, but the mall still has plenty to offer its guests. One of these experiences includes the Museum of Memories.

This is a pop-up museum located on the second floor of the mall between Macy’s and Nordstrom. It’s a walk-through experience where each room is designed to a different theme. Typically, it takes people about an hour to go through the whole thing, but there isn’t a time limit.

When I saw this was at the Mall, I knew I had to go! My boyfriend Andrew went with me, and we had so much fun!

The cloud room was definitely my favorite. We got some photos that turned out great and look really artsy!

One room had walls that looked like giant coloring pages! Props included a giant crayon, a giant paintbrush, and a paint tube big enough to sit on!

This room reminded me of getting my first cell phone in middle school! I’m only 22, but my first phone was a flip phone that you had to buy minutes for and press the buttons multiple times to get the letters you wanted while texting.

A room that’s all about ice cream? Sign me up! This room was so cute and fun! The candy on the wall made it extra sweet!

Another super-sweet room was this amazing cake and cherry room! The larger-than-life cake slices made for some great photo props. I don’t recommend trying to take a picture that looks like you’re sliding down the cake slice that’s tipped over (seen in the background of the first photo below). It was hard to stay balanced long enough to get a photo and there are plenty of other fun photo ops in this room that you won’t get hurt doing.

Overall, I thought this experience was definitely worth it. I will say that the entrance fee is a little on the pricey side. I paid for our admission online, and was only able to pay for two adults. When we got there, we saw a sign that listed a student price. If you’re planning on going and you’re a student, I’d suggest bringing your student ID and paying at the door to save a few dollars!

I’ll be updating this post soon with more photos and information. Please check back soon!

Until then, thank you so much for reading!

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