Festival Trends 2016

The last two weekends the nation was again swept with the excitement of one of the hottest music and art festivals: Coachella. While 1,000’s of people flock to the desert in Indio, California for a weekend (or two) of awesome music, the main focus of the event has slowly shifted from the music itself, to the fashion. The trends we see celebrities and non-celebrities alike rocking at the iconic Coachella determine what the spring and summer’s trends will be.

Last year flower crowns and headbands were everywhere, but this year is all about suede, denim, bold eye makeup, and fresh, bronzy-looking skin. While there are always trends that dominate the summer music festivals, anything goes as far as fashion goes, so if your style doesn’t match up with the trends, don’t change yourself just to get noticed. Instead, if you see a trend you like, work it into an outfit that is your style to create something totally unique!

I had one of my friends come over and do my makeup for the looks featured in this post. For the first look, I put a sleeveless cream blouse under a denim dress with a suede jacket (both from Forever 21). I paired the look with my favorite fedora and Steve Madden boots. For makeup, we kept the eyes simple and neutral, and went with a fresh-faced, bronzy skin. This would also be really cute without the jacket and/or the hat.


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For my second Coachella-inspired outfit, I paired a graphic T-shirt with a light gray skater skirt, over-dyed denim jacket, and faux leather high tops. For makeup, we played up the eyes by adding some gemstones under my eyebrows. This is a makeup trend that has been seen on celebrities like Bella Thorne this festival season. I personally love this look– while it doesn’t necessarily scream Coachella, anything goes, and this is definitely something that I would wear in my every-day life (minus the gemstones on my eyes).

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Still need some inspiration for your summer music festival style? Check out Seventeen for outfit inspiration and Elle for some cute hair ideas!

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