Twin Cities Film Festival

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Twin Cities Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the groups I’m part of took a group of students to the Festival to represent the school and see some amazing movies by directors from across the country.

I was at the Festival for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and had an amazing time!

Here’s a quick breakdown of my outfits from the weekend:

Friday was my first day at TCFF, and that night also happened to be “Industry Night”. We had access to the lounge where there was a DJ, games, and an art gallery. The night was a great opportunity for networking and meeting other people in the industry. I wanted to look nice to make a good first impression on the people I was meeting that night, so I wore a red dress, tan jacket, and brown ankle boots. Check out my look below:

Saturday was a chilly and rainy day 2. I wore a floral print maxi skirt and the same jacket from Friday’s look. I unfortunately didn’t get a photo that day, but I’ll get a photo up on Twitter soon and update this post when I get it! For now, here’s a photo of my hair and makeup!

The weekend went by fast, and before I knew it, it was already Sunday! For my last day at TCFF, I decided to wear a pink-and-black dress, black leather jacket, and black flats. I love what I did with my hair for this look! It kept my hair out of my face, while still showing off my curls, which is always good.

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