Date Night Outfit Inspiration

Dates are stressful enough as it is, especially if the relationship is new. For us girls, picking out the perfect outfit only adds to this stress, and nothing we try on seems to be good enough.

I’m here to help with some ideas for you the next time you catch yourself asking “what should I wear tonight?”

Dressy Night Out

If you’re going somewhere like a nice restaurant and want to dress up, I recommend wearing a nice dress and heels, or a cute skirt and shirt with either flats, boots, or heels. Check out my friend Athena in this adorable long black tutu and long sleeved body suit in the photos below, and one of the outfits I wore at the Twin Cities Film Festival last year. Add a statement necklace or pair of earrings to complete one of these looks and you’ll be set to stun your date wherever you guys end up!




These outfits are for the nights that you wanna look nice, but don’t wanna overdo it. My go-to is a dress with sandals or boots (depending on the season), and a jacket or sweater for a layer. These photos are from last summer, but you could definitely wear a fall or winter dress when it gets cold out and add an infinity scarf. Check out the last photo in this collection for some inspiration!



Casual Night Out

Just because you and your S.O. are doing something low-key, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look cute! Keep it simple with jeans and a sweater with a layered necklace like my friend Emily! Jeans and a T-shirt are also another great option with a statement necklace or scarf depending on the season.



Even though getting ready for a date can be super stressful, just remember to be yourself!

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