Beach Day!

This past Saturday, I had modeling and acting classes to help me prepare for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles, California in July. It was a ton of fun, I learned a lot, and made some new friends. Now that I’m excited and thinking about the warm LA weather, I’m missing the beach (especially since it’s still pretty chilly here in Minnesota).

Since I’m missing the warm weather and the beach, I decided to jump ahead to summer and get ready for a beach day (never mind the fact that it’s currently 45 degrees outside).

Here’s a list of everything you should have for an awesome day at the beach:

    • Friends– No one wants to go to the beach alone because what fun is that? Grab some of your besties and head to the closest beach!
    • Beach bag
      • Sunglasses
      • Sunscreen– Even if it’s cloudy when you’re at the beach, you should still have, and use, sunscreen. The sun’s rays can still harm you even when they’re guarded by clouds. Make sure you get one with a high enough SPF for you so that you don’t get too burnt. 
      • Swimsuit– You can’t go to the beach without a super-cute swimsuit. Check out some of this year’s hottest swimsuit trends from InStyle for some inspiration.
      • Cover up– The air is always a bit cooler down by the water, so make sure you have a cover up with just in case you start to get chilly, or a little too red from the sun. Most stores that sell swimsuits will also have cover ups, but if you can’t find one that you like, you can always bring a denim shirt or sweatshirt.
      • Flip flops– These are, in my opinion, the best shoes to wear on the beach. They look cute while still keeping your feet cool. Get a pair in a neutral color that will match whatever swimsuit and cover up you decide to get. 
      • Hat– Before you head out the door with your friends, grab a cute hat to shield your face from the sun. Not only will you be protected, but you’ll still look super-cute! In the pictures below, I have my favorite fedora– it literally matches everything.
      • Water bottle– When it’s warm out, it’s best to stay hydrated and bring some water so you don’t get dehydrated and/or pass out.
      • Towel– Even if you’re not going swimming, who wants to sit on the hot sand? Bring a towel to sit on, and use it to dry off after you go in the water. 
      • Phone and/or camera for pictures– No outing with your friends is complete without pictures! Make sure you bring your phone (which you probably have on you at all times anyways) and/or a camera. I’ve noticed that a lot of people really love polaroid cameras and pictures. Urban Outfitters has some, complete with cute accessories to match! 
      • Snacks– You’re bound to get hungry while you’re there. Instead of spending a ton of money on unhealthy snacks from the concessions stand, grab a granola bar or something before you leave home. Or pack a picnic and have lunch with your friends!
      • Chapstick/Lipgloss/Lipstick/Mirror–I always have these in my bag wherever I go. For a day at the beach, try to find a chapstick or lip balm that has some SPF in it to protect your lips, because, yes your lips can get sunburnt!
      • Hair binder– Again, I always have at least one in my bag at all times (but what girl doesn’t?). The wind can get annoying sometimes, so give yourself the option to tie your hair back if it starts to annoy you.
      • Shorts– Have a pair of shorts in your  bag in case you and your friends decide to go to the mall or go on rides (if the beach you’re at has them). In the pictures below, I have a swimsuit under a pair of white cotton shorts and a denim shirt. 

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Even though summer still seems like it’s far away, we can still dream about those warm, sunny days at the beach. What’s the one thing you need to have when you’re at the beach? tweet me @styleblog102!

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